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Haute Dolci Wembley

A sweet Addition

Now that’s a tasty piece of news

We are proud to announce the opening of our new, staggeringly beautiful store set in the heart of Wembley park. Our new branch highlights a significant milestone for our brand; our first store located within London. This incredible achievement is definitely something we can’t wait to celebrate with our dessert fans.

Our CEO and founder Nizam Mohammed says, “To open our first London location at Wembley Park, in-line with the launch of the Euros 2021, is a significant milestone for us. We believe fine art desserts have the power of bringing joy to people and bringing people together – something that is very apt and needed in today’s climate. Opening Haute Dolci in Wembley Park felt like a natural fit, with our shared values of creating special moments and unforgettable experiences for all our guests. We’re incredibly excited to launch our unique offer to the residents, workers and visitors of Wembley Park and wider London.”

Outstanding taste – As always

As with all of our stores across the UK, our Wembley branch will ooze sophistication, class and elegance. With touches of comfy, soft leather booths, glistening marble backdrops and of course our famous hot pouring chocolate taps, this branch is set to stand out for more than our incredible cuisine.

Our diners will be treated to an experience like no other. You can choose from private VIP dining or luxurious booths, all with social distancing measures in place for your safety.

Safety and class all in one

We genuinely care about our customers and want to assure that our branches practice outstanding health and safety measures. Our Wembley branch open on the 4th of June. Upon opening our Wembley branch we will be adhering to all social distancing measures as set by the UK Government. Our staff will be delivering our award winning, first class service while ensuring your safety from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.

One more little treat

To celebrate the opening of our new branch we will be holding a key hunt for all Haute Dolci lovers. This is a delicious challenge that will not only grant you early access to our wide range of menus but also an amazing 50% off (maximum discount of £10 off their bill) between the 4th and 6th of June.

Becoming a winner of our key hunt is simple! Follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with this unbelievable competition and ensure you don’t miss out on a single post; www.instagram.com/hautedolci/

Join in on the celebration

Our new store opens on the 4th of June; YOU are invited to celebrate with our team. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the new, decadent addition to cuisine available in London. Keep up to date with our social media posts and stay in the know regarding our Wembley branch.

Book your table

Book your table to avoid disappointment, www.hautedolci.co.uk/reservations/wembley/


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