Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, treat your mum to something truly special with a visit to your local Haute Dolci® restaurant.

31st March is one of the most important days on the Haute Dolci calendar. It's a time when families get together to show their appreciation for their most important member, and it's a wonderful opportunity to reward mums with unforgettable experiences. That's why we love Mother's Day so much. Creating memorable experiences is our speciality.

Last year, Haute Dolci Cheshire Oaks took a creative approach to the big occasion. We wanted to use our premium dining locations as a canvas for customers to create their own celebrations. Mums should always feel like royalty, and that's what we achieved with our social media campaign. Customers were invited to submit "10 reasons why they love their mums" via Instagram, the idea being that our team would turn these lists into attractive gift cards. These cards would then be placed on reserved tables, along with a few special bonuses.

Most importantly, each table included the Haute Dolci Key. This highly desirable item opens the door to exclusive benefits when new restaurants open, ensures priority access to personal suites, and delivers access to special promotions. Hence the tagline of the promotion was "A Special Key, for a Special Person."We weren't sure how our followers would approach the campaign, but we needn't have worried. The response was incredible. It turns out our diners really love their mums, and they also wanted to share Haute Dolci's dessert menu with their family.

Moreover, plenty of Mother's Day diners have used their key throughout the year, trying out new desserts and booking tables for special occasions. Enjoy an unforgettable Mother's Day meal with Haute Dolci®. This year, we're going to build on the success of 2018. After satisfying hundreds of families at Cheshire Oaks, we want customers across our network of dessert restaurants to share the Mother's Day fun.

No Key No Entry!

Here's how you can make Mother's Day 2019 the sweetest ever.

The first thing to do is make a reservation for 31st March. You can do this via ResDiary or the Haute Dolci® website - whatever is most convenient.

Two packages are available. The £12 option comes with a personalised card (you'll need to supply a name), as well as a complementary Haute Dolci Key. Each diner is entitled to one dessert and one soft drink. There's also £17 option. This comes with the "10 reasons" gift card, the Dolci Key, one teaser, one dessert, and a premium drink. Additional food and drink can then be added on top of either package. Gifts are also available, including gorgeous Haute Fleur flowers, fresh flowers, and our famous macarons. We can also gift wrap the key if you prefer. Just let us know when you book.

Now, for the important part. Come up with a list of 10 reasons why your mum is the best, and send them to our team. You can do so via the Haute Dolci Instagram account or email your reasons to: When you do so, remember to include your reservation number. Our team will then create a beautiful gift card expressing why your mum is so special, place this in an envelope and add it to your table, ready to for mum to open.

However, don't delay. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we need a little time to print our table cards. There's a deadline of 27th March for submitting your "10 reasons", so don't miss out. Treat your mum to a luxury Mother's Day experience like no other at Haute Dolci.

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For selected bookings marked as “Haute Dolci® Payments”, restaurants may require a Credit Card prepayment or guarantee in order to secure a booking. The terms of Haute Dolci® Payments will be as follows: 

All payments are between you and the restaurant directly and processed through Stripe. Haute Dolci® or any of its Affiliated Partners are not parties to the transaction.

For bookings that require a Credit Card Prepayment, you will be required to make an upfront payment of a nominated amount (Prepaid Amount) in order to complete the booking. The Prepaid Amount (less any Credit Card Surcharges) will be deducted from your total bill when you dine at the restaurant and you will need to pay any excess over the Prepaid amount or have any unused amount refunded to you directly by the restaurant. All Prepaid Amounts are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable, any changes, cancellations, no-shows and late arrivals are solely at the discretion of The Restaurant.


For bookings that require a Credit Card Guarantee, you will be required to provide a guarantee of a fixed amount per person (Guaranteed Amount). There will be no charge to you unless you breach the “Cancellations”, “No Shows”, “Changes” or “Late Arrivals” conditions mentioned in clauses 5 to 8 below, should these conditions be breached the restaurant reserves the right to charge the provided credit card with the Guaranteed Amount.

Booking Confirmation Number:

You will receive a Booking Confirmation Number once your booking has been confirmed and accepted by the restaurant. Please ensure to use this number in all communications with Haute Dolci® or the Restaurant.


To make changes to the date, time or number of diners, please contact the restaurant directly at-least 2 hours in advance of your reserved meal time and quote the Booking Confirmation Number. Changes will be subject to the restaurant’s availability. Where the number of diners for a “Haute Dolci® Payments” booking is reduced, the restaurant reserves the right to apply the Guaranteed amount should the dining spend not exceed the guaranteed amount.


Conditions for cancellations of bookings made via “Haute Dolci® Payments”:

For bookings that require a Credit Card Prepayment, any refunds or cancellations are solely at the discretion of the Restaurant.  For bookings that require a Credit Card Guarantee, if you wish to cancel your reservation please contact the restaurant directly at-least 24 hours in advance of the reserved meal time. Should this condition be breached the restaurant reserves the right to charge the provided credit card with the Guaranteed Amount.

Conditions for cancellations excluding bookings made via “Haute Dolci® Payments”:

If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact the restaurant directly as soon as possible as different restaurants have different rules about cancellation. For Group Bookings of six (6) or more, please ensure to provide at-least 48 hour’s notice of any planned cancellations. The restaurant's contact details can be found in your confirmation email.


The restaurant and/or Haute Dolci® reserve the right to cancel your booking directly within 24 hours of the booking being made.

No Shows

Failure to attend the restaurant at the reserved time without prior notification to the restaurant will result in you being identified as a "no-show." As a result the restaurant may choose to restrict, suspend or cancel your future bookings with them.

Late Arrivals

Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance of the reserved meal time. The restaurant reserves the right to cancel your booking and allocate your table to other guests if you have not arrived within 10 minutes of the reserved meal time (ie. 10 minutes late.)

Meal Durations:

The restaurant reserves the right to require you to vacate your table after a fair period of time.

Personal Information:

To use our Service, you are required to provide certain information, including your name, first name, telephone number & email address. You must ensure that all the information that you provide to us is true and accurate. Any personal information supplied by you to us will be used by us in accordance with these Booking Conditions and the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Booking Guarantee:

If you make a booking through “Haute Dolci® Payments”, but the restaurant loses, misplaces or simply cannot accommodate the booking through direct fault of its own, then the restaurant agrees to provide you with a complimentary meal or a refund to the value of the Prepaid or Guaranteed Amount. Should the Restaurant fail to honour this obligation, Haute Dolci® or any of its partners will not be liable to you for the Prepaid or Guaranteed Amount.

The above only applies in instances when the booking cannot be honoured. This does not include situations when the restaurant does not have record of your booking but is still able to accommodate you. Requests should be put in writing to

Additional Partner Conditions:

In addition to these Booking Conditions, the use of associated Restaurant or Affiliate Partners websites, products and services may also be subject to additional terms and conditions. Those terms will be in addition to these Booking Conditions, not a replacement of.

Service Termination:

We have the right to terminate, restrict or suspend your access to any or all the Service if we believe that you are misusing the Service in any way or if you are in breach of these Booking Conditions.

Refunds Policy:

Where Haute Dolci® is obliged to refund you any amount pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, Haute Dolci® aims to initiate your refund within 2 business days (Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm UK time). The additional time that it takes for you to receive your refund will depend upon how quickly your financial institution processes the refund. Except to the extent otherwise required by law, including, without limitation, the United Kingdom Consumer Law, Haute Dolci® will not be liable to you, or any other person, for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered as a direct or indirect result of any delay in you receiving any refund due to you, whether in contract, negligence or any other tort, equity, restitution, strict liability, under statute or otherwise at all.

Privacy Policy:

You will receive emails & / or other communications related to the fulfilment of your booking and we may use your personal information for that purpose. In addition, you may receive periodic emails from Haute Dolci®, the Restaurant or an Affiliate Partner if you opted to receive such communications at the time of booking. If you would rather not receive email communications from any of these parties, please unsubscribe at the time of communication. You acknowledge and agree, however, that you will still receive communications specifically relating to the reservation which you cannot unsubscribe from.

Liability Limitations:

Haute Dolci® shall not be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of Haute Dolci® services, including, but not limited to loss, claim, damage, or any special, exemplary punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind whether based in contract, tort or otherwise. Haute Dolci® is not an agent of nor relates to any affiliated restaurant in which a User has made a reservation, aside from the services provided through Haute Dolci. To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law we exclude all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any content available from the Service. You bear the entire risk of the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of any content accessed on our Service.

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